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Pretty and She Prays®

My Story


As a standout example of achievement through leadership and service, Lucy consistently pushes herself to grow personally and professionally. 


She earned her Bachelor of Science in Finance from The College of New Jersey and began her career at J.P. Morgan Chase as a financial analyst. Through her hard work and determination, she has risen to the position of senior planning and strategy associate, specializing in digital products.


Beyond her professional success, Lucy is committed to promoting college and career readiness, particularly for students of color. She recognizes the vast amount of knowledge available and is determined to bridge the gap for high school and college students. She believes that taking action in this area is critical to improving the welfare of future students. 


Lucy has shared her expertise with over 800 students and has helped many of them improve their professional development. By assisting with resume building and securing interviews for internships and part-time jobs, she has helped students take their careers to the next level.

My Life


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