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Team Lucy!

UPDATE -- I didn't win the crown, but my community made their support known allowing me to become the 2023 NJ USA People's Choice and part of an amazing Top 21!

HUGE thank you to my sponsors, whom I affectionately call #TeamLucy! These individuals selflessly donated, which helped me cover the various expenses and sustain my preparation plan! In addition to their contributions, many sent the sweetest cards filled with encouragement. I'm immensely grateful for their AMAZING support! 


It takes a VILLAGE to make a dream come true, so I'm beyond grateful for the amazing community around me. I'm staying prayerful for what's ahead!

About the MISS NJ USA

As a contestant, I will be judged in three equal categories consisting of Personal Interview, Swimsuit, and Evening Wear, and will participate in two exciting stage shows. The MISS NEW JERSEY USA® pageant is an official preliminary to the MISS USA® PAGEANT and is independently produced by the D&D Productions, Inc., who is committed to helping the titleholder gain educational experiences and values to help fulfill their future goals. The titleholder will maintain the crown for one year and will be given the opportunity to participate in corporate and community-based charity and social events, among other invaluable personal and professional experiences. I love having the opportunity to represent the Morris County area and having the ability to use my platform to be a change agent for my generation, a role model for generations to come, and a voice for those who feel like their voices go unheard. 

My Passion

My platform is anchored on the need to promote college and career readiness – there is so much knowledge out there and a huge gap to fill especially in the lives of high school and college students of color. I believe providing critical action in this area is pivotal to developing the welfare of their future. 

Road to Miss NJ USA 2023

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