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  • Lucy M Brice

Nurturing Black Hair – Essential Hair Care Tips for Black Women

As a self-proclaimed corporate girlie with tech tendencies and island roots. My hair journey was transformed by embracing messy hair days and YouTube university. Growing up in a Haitian household as an American, I felt pressured to have perfect and presentable hair, which was exhausting and costly. Here are my favorite tips for hair care:

Embrace rest: Break free from the 'wash, style, repeat' cycle. Chasing a perfect image is draining and dehydrates your hair.

Moisturize regularly: Black hair gets dry, so moisture is crucial. Protective styles like loose buns with satin scrunchies, two-strand twists, and no-heat blowouts allow your hair to relax and rehydrate. My favorites are GREW by M.E. Wash Set followed by Nasara Organics USA Moisturizer and Oil.

Overnight protection: Invest in satin pillowcases and scarves to avoid friction and maintain hair health. My favorite is the Morning Glamour Satin Pillowcase.

Regular appointments: Don't limit visits to special occasions. Allocating a budget for regular visits to a skilled hairstylist promotes hair health and provides professional guidance.

I hope you found value in my hair care suggestions. Remember, hair care is a personal journey, unique to each individual! Dive deeper into the world of expert insights by exploring my featured article on Afro Lovely. Within its pages, I join forces with fellow bloggers to offer a tapestry of essential hair care wisdom."


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